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OPP Hot Melted-glue Labling Machine

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  • 埋入式单向阀

Product Name:OPP Hot Melt Glue labeling machine for square bottles

Product Details

Labeling Machine for square bottle labeled with OPP film label and Hot Melt Glue
Model: UP-0708F
Main Features
♦ user-friendly touch screen, simple and intuitive, full-featured, with extensive online help function
♦ send standard system using the German high-speed servo motor and controller, to ensure that the high-speed delivery standard and cut the target accuracy, stability
♦ main motor adopts imported super power motor to ensure the machine running stability and maneuverability
♦ perfect run protection system can be realized, such as the lack of standard, drain stickers, lack of bottles, card bottle, temperature detection, lack of air pressure shutdown alarm
♦ As a result of the rotary die positioning labeling methods to ensure the accuracy and stability of the labeling of seal
♦ Siemens and other world famous brands imported electrical components, to ensure lasting stability and reliability of the machine
♦ equipment reserved online interface functions, and on-line to facilitate the production of other equipment