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Automatic labeling machine

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Automatic double sides labeler

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  • 埋入式单向阀

Product Name:Automatic Pressure-sensitive adhesive labeling machine(one,two or three labels in one bottle)

Product Details

Wide range of application
It is suitable for the single/double/multi-sides of the round bottle ,square bottle and irregular bottle
The labeling effect is perfect
The biggest characteristic of this quipment is the imitation of human labeling ,completely subvert the traditional way of labeling , throughly solved the problem, spherical stick mark wrinkle make possible differentiated product labeling.
High positioning accuracy
Using mechanical rotating positioning ,advantage of the characteristics of the bottle itself looking for another point , greatly improve the stick mark stability and accuracy.
Easy to adjust
The device can be adjusted 8D,especially suitable for a bottle type of the taper, and change the different size of the product is simple and easy to adjust ,no need use the tools. To avoid disqualified label caused by machine shaking. All direction adjusting modules will be locked after the machine finish adjusting . So it will insure the production process smoothly and the labeling location consistently.
Good stability.
A. Machining parts material guarantee:
The machine is made of high quality raw materials, the parts use high quality aluminum,steel and imported nylon.
B. Advanced processing equipment:
Main parts professional factory uses in all polytechnic high precision processing to complete, the main parts in the machining process will be used in the highest level of detecion methods for quality control in order to obtain the highest quality and highest precision parts, reduction of mechine vibration in high speed.
C. Using famous brand spare parts
D. Using world first brand electrical accessories.
E. Novel structure, main designers have more than 10years design experience in this field. Each component are through strict aging test.
F. Efficient production . The speed is up to 24000BPH, high speed labeling fluency, it can match front and end seamless butt joint and improve production efficiency.