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Domestic and international development of packaging machinery
  Packaging machinery packaging machinery packaging machinery is a kind of product packaging industry, in the packaging industry has a pivotal position and make use of it to the industry to provide the necessary technical equipment to complete the product packaging process. Despite a large in the packaging industry as a whole accounted for in proportion as packaging materials in packaging machinery production values, does not belong to the often consumable material, but the packaging industry modernization is an indispensable support. Without modern packaging machinery, there is no modern packaging industry. To complete the packaging process, packaging machinery can be divided into 11 categories, they are filling machinery, filling machine, sealing machine, wrapping machine, multi function packaging machine, labeling machine, cleaning machinery, drying machinery, sterilization machine, strapping machinery and packaging machinery, packaging machinery and equipment etc.. Packaging machinery as a professional machinery, in addition to the general requirement is different from ordinary machinery and beautiful appearance, transmission device has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, high precision, higher production efficiency requirements, to good to fulfill its function, suitable for market demand.
  Foreign packaging machinery industry overview of the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy is the world's four largest packaging machinery power. The United States is the world's packaging machinery development history is longer, has formed a complete system of packaging machinery, its varieties and production are the first in the world. Over the past 10 years, the United States has always maintained the world's largest packaging machinery production and consumption of power status. Its products are high, large, fine, sharp products in the majority, machinery and computer closely integrated, to achieve the integration of mechanical and electrical control. The new mechanical products in the form, filling, sealing the three kinds of machinery, the fastest growing, wrapping machine and film packaging machine accounted for 15% of the entire market, carton box packaging machine in the market share of second. Since the early 90 's, the United States packaging machinery industry has maintained a good momentum of development. The improved design of granular material packaging machine, Japan and the United States, Germany, compared to start late. Before the last century 60 's, packaging machinery manufacturers less than 60, can only pack candy, cigarettes, etc.. 60-70's era, the Japanese packaging machinery industry in its infancy, the value of the growth rate is very fast. 70-80's, the growth rate is not as high as the previous stage, but the annual growth rate of 13%.   80-90's is a stable growth stage, the microelectronics technology is successfully applied to the control of packaging machinery, the optical fiber technology, industrial robot technology, modular technology used in packaging machinery, to achieve high security, unmanned operation, high productivity of water, greatly improving the competitiveness of its international market. Therefore, from the last century 60's to 90's, Japan's packaging machinery industry for 30 consecutive years of rapid growth, has experienced the introduction of digestion - the development process. Germany, Italy, Britain, Switzerland and France, etc., are very important in the world of packaging machinery manufacturing countries. Germany's packaging machinery in the measurement, manufacturing, technical performance and other aspects of the leading position, especially beer, beverage filling equipment with high speed, complete sets, high degree of automation, reliability, and other characteristics, world-renowned. Some big company production of packaging machinery - electric - meter and computer control in one, the use of photoelectric sensor, the cursor control, and with anti-static device. Not only the large automatic packaging machine packaging volume and set bag, weighing, filling, vacuum pumping, sealing etc. process is completed in a single machine. German packaging machinery industry for many years has been in a steady growth, the proportion of exports accounted for about 80%.   Germany is the world's largest exporter of packaging machinery. Italy is second only to Germany's largest packaging machinery exporter. Italy packaging machinery for food industry, with excellent performance, the appearance of sophisticated, the price of cheap features, the proportion of exports accounted for about 80%. At present, all countries in the world attach great importance to the development of packaging machinery, set machine, electricity, gas, light, life, magnetic as a body of high-tech products continue to emerge. Production efficiency, resource Gregory used, energy-saving products, high technology, scientific research and commercial has become a trend in the development of packaging machinery in the world.
  China's packaging machinery industry overview and outlook of China's packaging machinery enterprises small scale, technical equipment is not very perfect, management level is relatively low, self development and technology design and development capabilities is weak, product variety is single. Product technology content, low added value: new product development cycle is long, can not respond to the market demand, timely supply of products to the market, users. Business owners to energy is spent on the quantity expansion, promotion of confrontation, the progress of science and technology a serious shortage of inputs, product in low level repeat, many enterprises producing the same products, so that many products are sold out. Low price competition has threatened the survival of enterprises. In addition, the product safety protection measures are poor, the safety awareness is not strong, these are caused by the low competitiveness of domestic products and foreign markets. 3 granular packing machine for the improvement of the current packaging machinery products in our country there is a common quality of the quality of a single, high cost, low technical content. With China's entry into the WTO (WTO), the international advanced technology, equipment and management experience is bound to have a huge impact on the development of China's packaging machinery industry, enterprises are facing unprecedented severe test. Development plays an important role. Packaging machinery products, a wide range of our industry is still thriving, called "the sun



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